website front page. Had a header image with three photos of flowers and the header reads "Life in Focus"

Before I began my journey into the field of instructional design and technology, I would fiddle around with designing and building websites.  What piqued my interest in designing and developing websites was blogging, more specifically blogging about photos.  Why photos?  Well, I enjoy taking photos, editing photos, and everything about photography.  Looking through the lens of a camera provides you with a different perspective.  This post contains images of a website I created for a website design and development course a few years ago.  The website was based on a year-long group project I ran on a blog I had many years ago.  Each week, I would provide a prompt and sample photo, and based on this prompt the group would capture the ordinary, extraordinary, everyday stuff, things, moments in their lives.   

I see more and more, instructional design programs pulling their web-building courses from the curriculum instead of moving them to a core requirement, and that is unfortunate.  Working in the field of instructional design, instructional designers need to have an arsenal of tools at the ready.  More and more, basic HTML and CSS skills are becoming a requirement.  Whether it is building a course in an LMS or working in e-authoring software, you as an instructional designer will eventually run into some type of coding. As our roles as instructional designers change, we must also, and learning to code should be part of that evolution.  

screen shot of the contact page of my web site

Part of the FAQ section of my website design and an background image of a hand holding a mobile phone.

Screenshot of the About Me section of my website

Did you know I'm a jewelry maker?  I taught jewelry-making classes and workshops (face-to-face and online, too)!