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Who likes to create or update their resume, raise your hand! I know there are a few of you that love the whole process of detailing your every work-life experience. I wish I was you. I do love to write, I'll write about any topic but myself. From digital literacy to a tutorial on how to bead a bracelet (jewelry crafting is a hobby of mine), I love words, but to sit down with the sole purpose of writing about myself, well... to me it lacks luster.
Why am I talking about writing resumes? I have been doing a deep dive into the workings of Microsoft's Sway and built my resume using one of the application's resume template. I have embedded the live Sway below but if you are having trouble viewing it, here is a link to the live Sway

The embedding of an interactive Sway object is great,  allowing you the creator of the object to add, detract or modify the Sway in real-time.  A win-win in my book!